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This section contains both accurate reproductions of authentic finds, as well as items inspired by and based on the work of Viking blacksmiths.


Arrowhead, Hand-forged
A hand-forged arrowhead of good quality.
Arrowhead, Hand-forged
A hand-forged Viking arrowhead of good quality.
Bottle Opener, Hand-forged
A hand-forged bottle opener of good quality.
Broadhead, Hand-forged
A hand-forged broadhead arrowhead of good quality.
Corkscrew, Hand-forged
A hand-forged corkscrew of good quality.
Ear-Spoon & Pick, Hand-forged
A hand-forged ear-spoon & pick combo.
Genja the Berserker's Axe, Linnormr Edition
SOLD OUT - Linnormr Edition with ornamented blade and shaft. Limited to 12 items.
Hand Forged Fork
Hand forged iron fork.
Hand Forged Fork-Spoon
Hand forged iron fork-spoon.
Iron Cutlery
A set of hand-forged cutlery, with a fork, knife and spoon.
Tweezers, Hand-forged
Hand-forged tweezers of good quality.
Viking Cooking Pan
Viking Age cooking pan
Viking Knife, Hand Forged
Hand-forged Viking knife.
Viking Knife, Hand Forged
Hand forged Viking knife with leather sheath.