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Vegvisir Amulet, Silver
Magical amulet of navigation.
Yggdrasil Amulet, Silver
Amulet of warding and good luck.
Rune Thor's Hammer, Silver
Thor's hammer pendant encircled by the Viking Elder Futhark runes. Made in Sterling Silver 925.
Freki & Geri Armring, Silver
Twisted Viking armring with the heads of Freki and Geri. Sterling Silver 925.
Aegishjálmur Pendant, Silver
Aegishjálmur pendant encircled by Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent, and magical stave-runes.
Aegishjálmur Pendant, Silver
Aegishjálmur pendant crafted in Sterling Silver 925.
Fenrir Pendant, Silver
Fenrir pendant made in Sterling Silver 925.
Wolf Set, Silver
Save approx. 20% with this wolf themed set in Sterling Silver 925!
Triquetra Pendant, Silver
Pendant with a Triquetra in the center and surrounding knotwork.
Shield Amulet, Silver
Viking Shield Amulet in Sterling Silver 925.
Knotwork Pendant, Silver
Silver pendant with intricate knotwork.
Gripping Beast Pendant, Silver
A Sterling Silver 925 pendant with a gripping beast motif.
Axe Pendant, Silver
Pendant based on the Mammen Axe.