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Cuerno Para Beber, XL
Carefully polished and cleaned top quality drinking horn. Holds 1 L (2 pints or 34 oz)
40,80 €
T-shirt, Berserker, Black
Top-quality Berserker t-shirt for the modern day Viking. Sizes: S - 5XL
14,40 €
Cadena Rey de Lobo Mjölnir, Acero Inoxidable
The king of all chains - massive, handmade Viking design ending in wolf heads biting onto a large Mjölnir pendant.
68,80 €
Beard Care Set, Horn
The perfect set to start caring for your beard the Viking way.
21,60 €
Piedra rúnica
A real, handcarved runestone from one of the few, acknowledged modern Runemasters.
Grimfrost Tyr Espada
A Viking sword with top-quality performance and appearance.
270,40 €
Hoodie, Runestone, Black
Top-Quality Runestone hoodie for the modern day Viking. Sizes: S - 5XL
48,80 €
Viking Dinner Set
Save 20% with this set! It has everything you need for Viking style eating.
35,20 €
Freki & Geri Anillo de Brazo, Plata
Twisted Viking armring with the heads of Freki and Geri. Sterling Silver 925.
109,60 €
Premium Muñequeras de Guerrero, Nidhoggr
Níðhǫggr edition, limited to 12 items.
142,40 €
Perla Barba/Cabello, Plata con Runas
Rune-covered bead in Sterling Silver 925.
T-shirt, Runestone, Army Green
Top-Quality Runestone t-shirt for the modern day Viking. Sizes: S - 2XL
14,40 €
Poster Art: Thor Rides
Original Grimfrost artwork. High-quality poster.
13,60 €
Cadena de Lobo Tyr, Acero Inoxidable
A massive set with a Wolf Chain and a Tyr-rune pendant.
44,80 €
The Poetic Edda
The essential source to understand and appreciate the beliefs, motivations, and values of the Vikings. Video introduction by author on the article page.
15,09 €