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Nous expédions dans le monde entier

Corne à Boire, XL
Carefully polished and cleaned top quality drinking horn. Holds 1 L (2 pints or 34 oz)
T-shirt, Berserker, Black
Top-quality Berserker t-shirt for the modern day Viking. Sizes: S - 5XL
Chaine Roi de Loup Mjölnir, Acier Inoxydable
The king of all chains - massive, handmade Viking design ending in wolf heads biting onto a large Mjölnir pendant.
Beard Care Set, Horn
The perfect set to start caring for your beard the Viking way.
Pierre runique
A real, handcarved runestone from one of the few, acknowledged modern Runemasters.
Grimfrost Tyr Épée
A Viking sword with top-quality performance and appearance.
Hoodie, Runestone, Black
Top-Quality Runestone hoodie for the modern day Viking. Sizes: S - 5XL
Viking Dinner Set
Save 20% with this set! It has everything you need for Viking style eating.
Freki & Geri Anneau du Bras, Argent
Twisted Viking armring with the heads of Freki and Geri. Sterling Silver 925.
Premium Guerrier de Brassards, Nidhoggr
SOLD OUT! Níðhǫggr edition, limited to 12 items.
142,40 €
Barbe Perle, Argent avec Runes
Rune-covered bead in Sterling Silver 925.
T-shirt, Runestone, Army Green
Top-Quality Runestone t-shirt for the modern day Viking. Sizes: S - 2XL
Poster Art: Thor Rides
Original Grimfrost artwork. High-quality poster.
Chaîne Loup Tyr, Acier Inoxydable
A massive set with a Wolf Chain and a Tyr-rune pendant.
The Poetic Edda
The essential source to understand and appreciate the beliefs, motivations, and values of the Vikings. Video introduction by author on the article page.