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Books are a source of inspiration and information, whether you’re looking for a good story or accurate facts. If you want to update your knowledge about the Vikings, then we’d strongly advise you to do so through reading books, rather than searching the internet. The Internet is unfortunately filled with misinformation and it can be a daunting, or even impossible task to find truthful information.


The Poetic Edda
The essential source to understand and appreciate the beliefs, motivations, and values of the Vikings. Video introduction by author on the article page.
€ 16,04
The Age of the Vikings
This book is a necessity to all interested in the Viking Age. It contains the latest scholarly discoveries and gives a detailed look at the entire era in an enjoyable manner. Video introduction by author on the article page.
€ 16,04
The Saga of the Volsungs
This is a book of the highest importance. No one should attempt to teach about Viking society or claim to understand it without being familiar with this chilling and enduring myth.
The Prose Edda
A work without predecessor or parallel, written in the 1200s so that the traditional techniques of Norse poetics, the pagan kennings, and the allusions to mythology would not be forgotten.
€ 22,64
The King of the Forest
Get to know one of the most imposing animals of the Scandinavian wilderness that has provided people with food, clothes and tools since ancient times.
Birka and Hovgården
Get a glimpse into one of the most important Viking Age settlements through vivid imagery, photographs and the latest research that reveal secrets from a thousand years ago.