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Vegvisir Amulet, Zilver
Magical amulet of navigation.
€ 33,60
Yggdrasil Amulet, Zilver
Amulet of warding and good luck.
€ 33,60
Runen Thor's Hammer, Zilver
Thor's hammer pendant encircled by the Viking Elder Futhark runes. Made in Sterling Silver 925.
€ 20,80
Aegishjálmur Sieraden, Zilver
Aegishjálmur pendant encircled by Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent, and magical stave-runes.
€ 25,60
Freki & Geri Arm Ring, Zilver
Twisted Viking armring with the heads of Freki and Geri. Sterling Silver 925.
€ 139,20
Aegishjálmur Sieraden, Zilver
Aegishjálmur pendant crafted in Sterling Silver 925.
€ 12,80
Fenris Sieraden, Zilver
Fenrir pendant made in Sterling Silver 925.
€ 25,60
Wolf Set, Zilver
Save approx. 20% with this wolf themed set in Sterling Silver 925!
€ 65,60
Triquetra Sieraden, Zilver
Pendant with a Triquetra in the center and surrounding knotwork.
Shield Amulet, Zilver
Viking Shield Amulet in Sterling Silver 925.
€ 67,20
Knotwork Sieraden, Zilver
Silver pendant with intricate knotwork.
€ 37,60
Bijl Sieraden, Zilver
Pendant based on the Mammen Axe.
€ 63,20
Gripping Beast Sieraden, Zilver
A Sterling Silver 925 pendant with a gripping beast motif.
€ 25,60