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Vikingjarl is a fun, fast-moving and exciting strategic board game about Vikings and Norse mythology. As a player, you begin the game as one of four Jarls with the goal of becoming the next Ruler of Kaupang, ensuring power and prestige for you and your descendants. You accomplish this by pillaging, trading, establishing settlements, fighting, and outmaneuvering the other Jarls.

Through strategic card play and dice rolls, the Jarls battle each other across the game board. You must make strategic decisions and carefully manage your resources in order to have the best chance to win. If you play well and are favored by the gods, you could become the next Vikingjarl!

  • Full game with unique Grimfrost extra content.
  • 2-4 players
  • Gaming Board size: 24" x 16.5" (60 x 42 cm) 
  • 60 minute playing time
  • Age 12+
  • Publisher: SB Games AS
  • Game designer: Richard Mikalsen
  • Includes over 260 playing cards and pieces.

Gaming features:

  • Play is turn-based. The Jarls each take turns moving their Ship and Army around the game board using Pawns, Dice, and Playing Cards.
  • The main goal of the game is to obtain the Victory Points needed to win the game. This is done through pillaging, trading, settling and fighting against the other Jarls. 


  • Rulebook
  • 43 Viking Miniatures
  • 8 Viking Ship and Army Miniatures
  • 54 Saga Cards
  • 8 Custom Dice
  • 35 Settlement and Town tags
  • Settlement Cards
  • Coins
  • Victory Poins
  • 4 Jarl Player Boards
  • 1 Unique Saga Card exclusive to Grimfrost. Gain free Viking mercenaries from Grimfrost to fight for your Jarl!
Vikingjarl has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 14 reviews.