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Ale - Grimfrost's Ale, Mungátt -

Grimfrost's Ale, Mungátt

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  Supplier to Vikings and Game of Thrones
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Mungátt (Old Norse: good for mouth) has been developed together with Mjödhamnen, Sweden’s most distinguished mead and ale producer. With it, we would like to invite You on a journey back to the Viking Age when honeyed ale was one of the favourite festive beverages. Enjoy this fresh, supple brew with friends or a good meal. 

  • Full bottle: 330 ml/11.2 fl oz
  • Alcohol content by volume: 8%
  • Ale with honey (Braggot)
  • Ingredients: Water, malt from barley, honey, hops, yeast


We cannot sell alcohol through this webshop, so we are using distributors in various countries. Our mead can currently be purchased in USA, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Belgium through the links below. Mungátt may not be available in all countries: