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Repton Pendant, Bronze

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Product number: 3757

Pendant based on a find from Repton, UK, at the site where a large Viking army had their winter camp in the year 873. The find was made by an amateur detectorist and its current day fate is unknown to us - which is the case with most such finds. Far from all end up in museums where they can be seen by the general public.

We decided to make a replica of it due to the interesting design, which could with some wishful thinking be interpreted as a 4-arm Aegishjalmur. It is also available as a brooch (the original find was a brooch) here: Repton Brooch

The original image originates from a documentary about the great Viking army.

  • Material: Bronze
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • Diameter of hole: 4 mm
  • Does not include a chain