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Clash of Rage

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Clash of Rage is a fun miniatures game of conquest and movement in which different clans will fight for victory (naturally there is a great looking Viking clan option!). Every army is unique, with its own units and characteristics. Players will equip each unit as they see fit, buying weapons and armors so that every game will be different! 

Quick look at the rules: Clash of Rage is a confrontation and skirmish game. You play one of the 4 different armies. Each has its specific units. When it is your turn, you can choose either to move your troops, or spend Gold coins to buy equipment (armors and weapons) and improve your units. By occupying different territories, you’ll get precious advantages: reinforcement stones will add extra units to your troops, while cities plunder will grant the precious crystals. By spending these crystals in the forges you control, you will create legendary equipments that will change the course of battles, and bring you closer to victory!

Link to full English ruleset: Clash of Rage Rules (eng)

  • Up to 4 players (solo mode available)
  • 14+ years old and older
  • 45-90 minutes
  • Designer: Frédéric Guérard
  • Artist: Djib
  • Publishers: La boite de jeu & Origames