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Genja the Berserker's Axe, War Edition

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Genja is the impressive two-handed axe highly valued by the Vikings and equally feared by their foes. Unlike many other historical reproductions, it is fully handmade and forged according to ancient Viking techniques. The shaft is made from Swedish ash, and matches the head in terms of craftsmanship. The handmade leather protector comes with Viking patterns. The War Edition is a version of the Genja without ornamentation on the blade and shaft. Genja is a limited edition item originating from the forge Grimfrost’s expert smith, who has more than 25 years of experience in accurate historic forging. He has been awarded the Swedish Master's certificate – a rare qualification that entitles him to the rank of Master smith. His craft can be found where quality and authenticity are essential, such as in museums, among experimental archeologists and collectors. Availability and delivery: The War Edition is limited to 24 items. Each Genja is handmade after the order has been placed. It may take between 1-6 weeks before the finished Genja can be shipped. You will be contacted within 3 days of your purchase through e-mail with an estimation of the date of delivery. DETAILS: Total length: Approx. 120 cm Blade: The blade is approx. 30 cm wide, forged from iron and steel. Shaft: Approx. 107 cm long, made from Swedish ash with a linseed oil finish. Protector: Made from Swedish premimum quality leather. The Genja is carefully handmade, and therefore variations may occur. Each buyer receives Care and Maintenance instructions, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. NOTICE OF INTEREST If you are a serious buyer wanting more information about the Genja, please contact us on: