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Handwoven Broken Diamond Twill, Light Brown

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Thin and soft merino wool that has been handwoven into a broken diamond twill pattern and plant dyed with walnut husks. It is the perfect fabric for truly authentic Viking Age tunics, shirts and dresses.

Broken diamond weave wool has been found in Viking Age graves across Scandinavia, such as in Hedeby and Birka. Finds have also been made in other Viking settlements, such as York, London and Orkney. Archaeological finds reveal that walnut was used for dyeing during the Viking Age.  

  • 100% handwoven merino wool
  • Medium thin
  • Color: Light brown
  • Plant dyed with walnut husks
  • Width: 115 cm (45 inches)
  • Price is per 0.5 meter (20 inches). 
  • Each bought unit is 0.5 m (20"). Buy two units to get 1 m (40") etc.
  • The fabric is carefully handwoven and there may be some small irregularities.
  • Due to the plant dyeing the shades might differ slightly here and there. 
  • Recommend hand washing in cold water without detergent. No dry cleaning. Let self dry.