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Jarngreipr Chain, Set 3, Stainless Steel

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Product number: 2694

Vikings used necklaces with animals or beasts biting onto a ring where pendants were hung. This variant consists of a thick stainless steel chain ending in Járngreipr, the iron gauntlets of Thor. The gauntlets have "THOR VIKI" written on them with runes, which tranlates to "Thor protect/bless". They hold onto the pendant ring with a reproduction of an Icelandic Thor's Hammer in Stainless Steel. A third wolf bites onto the ring from the hammer. 

The ring can easily be opened by hand, which allows for the chain to be fitted around the neck and for pendants to be hung from it.

Pendant, article no 2693:

  • Size: 70 x 40 mm 
  • Diameter of hole: 5 mm 
  • Material: Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel

Neck chain, article no 2688:

  • Length: 60 cm / 23.6” 
  • Thickness: 5 mm 
  • Size of the ring: 3 x 30 mm 
  • Material: Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel

Járngreipr (Old Norse "iron grippers") are the iron gauntlets of the god Thor. He needs the gauntlets to handle Mjölnir, his powerful hammer.