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Artwork - Poster Art: Viking Berserker -

Poster Art: Viking Berserker

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Product number: 1043

THE BERSERKER This original Grimfrost artwork by Garip Jensen is part of a series depicting Viking warriors in the aftermath of battle.

The watermark Grimfrost logo in the center of the preview image is not in the poster. - Printed on fine quality 170 g paper.

  • Size 42 x 60 cm (16.4 x 23.6 inches)
  • Berserker portrayed by Hegg of Grimfrost
  • Copyright Grimfrost

It is obvious that the berserk rage hasn’t abandoned this Viking warrior yet, since his bloodshot eyes are filled with murder-lust and he roars like a wild beast, ignorant of his wounds that might incapacitate a weaker man. Sacred symbols and runes are tattooed across his body, with the Aegishjálmur placed between his eyes to strike terror into his foes. He wears naught but a wolf’s skin draped across his shoulders, with a Hammer of Thor hanging across his naked chest. A massive, ceremonial horn hangs from his belt, perhaps as a preparation for a possible feast in Valhalla. Genja, the massive, two-handed axe, rests in his blood covered hands, ready to cut through anything and anybody who would stand in his way.