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Poster Art: Viking Shieldmaiden

Poster Art: Viking Shieldmaiden

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THE SHIELDMAIDEN This original Grimfrost artwork by Garip Jensen is part of a series depicting Viking warriors in the aftermath of battle.

The watermark Grimfrost logo in the center of the preview image is not in the poster. - Printed on fine quality 170 g paper.

  • Size 42 x 60 cm (16.4 x 23.6 inches)
  • Shieldmaiden portrayed by Malin of Grimfrost
  • Copyright Grimfrost

Clad in a mail shirt, with axe and shield in hand, this Shieldmaiden is clearly an experienced warrior and a lethal opponent for any male warrior foolish enough to challenge her. Prepared for any remaining, oncoming foes, she still stands in her fighting stance.