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Premium Apron Dress, Blue

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A really nice, handmade high quality apron dress with hand embroidered detailsKnown as a Smokkr, this type of dress was a common garment among the Viking women who often combined it with a pair of turtle brooches. 

Wear the dress with tortoise brooches and beads to complete the authentic look. 

  • Based on historical sources
  • Includes: Dress, Apron Dress, Forecloth, Belt
  • (Dress) Bust: 38" / 100 cm 
  • (Dress) Waist: 38" / 112 cm
  • (Dress) Length from shoulder to bottom: 55" / 135 cm
  • (Dress) Arm Length: 60 cm
  • (Apron Dress) Bust: 33" / 84 cm
  • (Apron Dress) Waist: 33" / 84 cm
  • (Apron Dress) Length from shoulder to bottom: 58" / 147 cm
  • Forecloth Size: 39" x 9.5" / 100 x 24 cm
  • Material: Dress (Linen), Apron Dress (Wool), Forecloth (Wool Blend)
  • Tortoise brooches, jewelry or other accessories not included.

The bust size of the Dress in comparison Apron Dress is larger so that it can be pulled over the head and the arms put into the sleeves.