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Raven Pendant, Stainless Steel

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Product number: 2837

Discontinued product. Clearance sale with a 40% discount!

Stainless Steel pendant with a raven design that is based on a harness mount found in Gotland, Sweden.

  • Size: 37 x 25 mm 
  • Diameter of hole: 3 mm 
  • Material: Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel 
  • Chain or leather cord not included

The raven is a common iconic figure in Norse mythology. Odin, the chief God, had a pair of ravens that brought him news from around the world. The raven was also identified in Norse poetry as the bird of blood, corpses and battle. Despite the violent imagery associated with them, Vikings regarded the raven as a largely positive figure since battle and harsh justice were viewed favorably in Norse culture.