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 - Swedish Moose Skin, Brown -

Swedish Moose Skin, Brown

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Skin from a Swedish moose with some holes in it, that also may have bite marks from wolves or dogs, or other markings. There are, however, no marks from barbwire or such, since such does not exist in Sweden and the moose are free roaming in the wilderness. 

The skin is suitable for making pouches, or other small items. It is also excellent for edging sleeves, collars, cloaks or for covering a woolen hat. The tanning process is chrome free with Scandinavian ingredients. Moose skin was valued during the Viking Age, both as a crafting material and as a currency used in trading.

  • Color: Coffee brown
  • Size: 4-5 feet (120 to 150 cm)
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Origin: Sweden