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The King of the Forest

The King of the Forest

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The King of the Forest By Anna Roos & Kenneth Johansson

Still known as the “King of the Forest”, the moose has always been one of the most prominent animals of the Swedish wilderness. Through the many beautiful, informative and entertaining photographs in this book you will get to know the animal that has provided Scandinavians with food, clothing and tools since ancient times.

With camera in hand, photographer Kenneth Johansson has followed the moose in its natural habitat for many years, while author and researcher Anna Roos clearly and adeptly describes the lifecycle of the moose – through rut, mating and birth. King of the Forest introduces you to how the moose live, what they eat in various seasons and what a ten-tiner is, as well as the dangers faced by these amazing creatures.

  • Title: The King of the Forest
  • By (authors): Anna Roos & Kenneth Johansson
  • ISBN: 9789185815548
  • Pages: 80
  • Language: English
  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 173×230 mm
  • Illustrations: Several color photographs.
  • Published: Votum & Gullers Förlag (SWE), 2011