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Thor's Hammers - Thjorsardalur Thor's Hammer, Hand-Forged -

Thjorsardalur Thor's Hammer, Hand-Forged

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A large classic, plain pendant based on the Þjórsárdalur Thor's Hammer found on Iceland in 2018. The original piece was carved out of sandstone. This design has been popular throughout history and seen in hammers such as the find in Läby, Uppland in Sweden.

  • Size: 36 x 33 mm
  • Diameter of hole: 2 mm 
  • Material: Iron
  • Chain not included

Mjölnir (English: Crusher), is the hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. An amulet depicting Mjölnir is known as a “Thor’s Hammer” and it was worn by the Vikings as an amulet of protection and power.