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Tortoise Brooches, Bornholm

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A pair of detailed and precise bronze reproductions of Viking tortoise brooches dated to the 9th and 10th century. These brooches have been found across Scandinavia, such as in Birka in Sweden, Bornholm in Denmark and Trondelag in Norway. Tortoise brooches (dress brooches) are worn in pairs on the front of a Viking woman's dress. It was customary to suspend a string of beads and charms between them. 

The brooches are sold in pairs.

  • Size: 11,5 x 7,5 cm (approx. 4.5" x 3")
  • Material: Bronze

Norse women wore pairs of oval brooches to fasten the shoulder straps of a tunic worn over other garments. Beads of amber, wood or glass may have hung between these brooches or a chain with useful items such as a comb or keys. Nearly all finds of dress brooches are crafted from bronze.