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Viking Belt, Bj 949, Birka

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Viking Age belt based on the find from grave Bj 949 in Birka, Sweden. We have examined the actual finds in person at the Swedish History Museum. 

Hand-made from durable oxhide, the belt comes with historically accurate bronze fittings with a strap end depicting the head of a snake or lindworm. The thick belt is sturdy enough to keep even heavier items hanging from it nicely. Available in three historical colors and three lengths. The belt comes without ready-made holes, since a row of those would make it look too modern. It is better and easy to make a couple of holes after trying it on. An awl will do the job for you, or simply put the belt on a wooden board and strike a nail through it. Wear it hanging down or tied to the side.

  • Material: Leather belt and bronze fittings
  • Belt Length: Available in 3 lengths
  • Belt Width: 14 mm
  • Belt Thickness: 2.5 - 3 mm (8 oz)
  • Colors: Natural, Chestnut and Antique Brown
  • The belt comes without ready-made holes.
  • Belts are assembled once per week according to the ordered sizes. This may postpone the dispatch of the order slightly.

NOTE: Make sure to choose the correct length for your belt. You will not be able to shorten the belt without having to re-attach the strap end. 

A belt belongs to the basics of a Viking outfit, together with a tunic, trousers and shoes. richly decorated belts were not used by everyone. Anything that serving as a belt could be used to tie the tunic at the waist - such as a piece of rope, cloth or a simple leather strap with an iron ring. Belts ranged in width from 12 mm to 40 mm, which is evident in finds from the Viking Age.