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Viking Hygiene Set, Buri

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Product number: 2337

Vikings were considered the cleanest, best dressed and most groomed Europeans of the early medieval ages - far from the filthy barbarians they are often portrayed as. Archaeological finds reveal that they carried hygiene sets consisting of an ear-spoon, tweezers and a pick for nails and/or teeth. This hygiene set is based on an archaeological find, and cast in solid bronze. It's the perfect way to keep you clean and looking good whilst doing it.

The set consists out of:

  • 1 x ear-spoon 
  • 1 x tweezers 
  • 1 x pick 
  • 1 x bronze loop 
  • 1 x bronze chain 

  • Size: Each piece is 7-8 cm (approx. 3") long
  • The chain is 15 cm (6") long
  • Hand-crafted 
  • Authentic Viking reproduction 
  • Material: Bronze

The ear-spoon is actually a better option to clean your ears with than cotton swabs. All research shows that you shouldn't clean deep inside of your ears. That is what most use a cotton swab for - resulting in just pushing the dirt further in. The ear-spoon allows you to carefully scrape dirt away, which results in healthier, cleaner ears.