Age of Vikings: FATED is a teaser made with a limited budget - and the first installment in a series set in the Viking Age. It follows a group of grizzled Viking veterans returning to their homeland after spending many ill-fated years abroad. All scarred both mentally and physically, they struggle with trying to get back on their feet. Will they be able to continue fighting their bad fortune, or have the gods abandoned them?

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    We want to produce movies about our ancestors that are entertaining and exciting without sacrificing historical accuracy. We are talking about productions where the dialogue is in real Old Norse and where the clothes are based on archaeological finds. Productions that will accurately portray cultural features never seen on film, resulting in a unique time travel back to the Viking Age.

    Producer and Story: Grimfrost is a Swedish Company that has been involved with Viking Age crafts and culture for 30 years. Our work inlcudes making reproductions for museums, products for movies and tv-shows (Beforeigners, Vikings, Game of Thrones) and more. Our online community is the World’s largest for those interested in Vikings, with a staggering 1 million people on Facebook alone. We have the right connections to make this happen - from scholars and experts to longships and historical locations. 

    Director and Script: Peter Franzén is one of Scandinavia’s most respected artists with nearly 30 years of international experience as an actor, author and director.  Many may recognize him from the tv-series Vikings where he portrays King Harald Finehair. Peter shares Grimfrost's passion for combining authenticity with excitement and entertainment.

    Cast: An amazing group of Swedish actors have stepped into the shoes of their forefathers. All are professionals with years of experience of acting in movies, series and on the stage.

    Crew: We have a top-level crew with years of international experience. They ensure that everything from camera and lights, to make up and special effects, are professionally executed.

    Music: Einar Selvik, the renowned musician from his band Wardruna, contributes with music to give the real, Viking Age feel to the production.

    Expertise: Viking Age experts are contributing with their knowledge to the project. Our network is quite large and specific persons are consulted regarding specific matters, such as members from the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala University, educators and clothing experts/textile curators from the Swedish History Museum, experts on religion, language, food and herbs, etc.