Why buy from Grimfrost?

  • 400 000+ verified customers
  • Trustscore 4.9 out of 5 with Trustpilot
  • Ranked as a "Top Quality Store" by Google
  • Fast door-to-door shipping with insurances
  • 1.2 million Facebook followers
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  • Trustworthy business since 2014
  • Supplier to Game of Thrones and Vikings

 In addition, we are proud of to offer you the following:

  • Our experience: Grimfrost isn’t born out of a trend. We have worked with Viking Age crafts since the early 1990’s. Our customers include museums, bands, movies and tv-shows.
  • We are the real deal: We are genuine, living and breathing our culture in Scandinavia - home of the Vikings. We sail the same waters and walk the same lands as our ancestors, surrounded by hundreds of runestones, burial mounds and other ancient hallmarks.
  • We aren’t anonymous: We don’t need to hide behind anonymous websites, trying to cash in on a trend. Grimfrost isn't just a business – it is a lifestyle. We're happily and constantly sharing pictures and films that reveal what we’re all about. The people you see are us and our surroundings. 
  • Our warranties and policies: We have all goods in stock and ship them from our own warehouse where everything is checked carefully to guarantee quality. Nothing is drop shipped from shady wholesalers in distant countries. This means that our returns policy and warranties works as intended.
  • We ship Worldwide: We use the largest courier services and offer fast, worldwide door-to-door shipping for reasonable prices. Shop for $100 and we'll offer you free worldwide shipping.
  • We have our own goods: We have our own production on the majority of items. 
  • We take pride in our customer service: We have an accessible customer service that does their best to reply to all inquiries within a work day. They are there to help you with whatever questions you may have.
  • Our passion: Our most sincere goal is to build a bridge between now and then, bringing back relevant parts of Viking Age culture into today’s world. There is wisdom to be learned from, achievements to be inspired by and an entire cultural treasure to embrace. 

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