Our Story

Let the past inspire the present

Grimfrost is a trendsetting Swedish company founded in 2014 with the goal of sharing our heritage and our modern-day lifestyle with the rest of the world. Building a bridge between the past and the present, we are dedicated to making and selling the highest quality Viking reproductions on the market, ranging from simple pendants to unique high end products not found elsewhere. In addition to historical items, we also offer contemporary products that have been inspired by and interpreted from Viking Age culture.

Our community with people interested in or inspired by the Viking Age is the largest in the World, with Facebook alone gathering more than a million members into our shield wall.

What is a Viking without a ship? Check out our fleet: Grimfrost Fleet


We have supplied various TV and movie productions with items (Game of Thrones, Vikings, Beforeigners, etc), merchandise for bands (Amon Amarth, Wardruna) as well as crafted reproductions and supplied several museums (Birka and the History Museum in Sweden, Saga Museum on Iceland, Ostfoldmuseene in Norway, Société du Musée d’archéologie et d’histoire in Canada).


A culture that doesn't adapt, develop and find a contemporary footing is dead, or in a best case scenario just an echo from the past. Our heritage is very much alive to us - it's not something that just exists in the past, or that requires dressing up in traditional clothes for reenactment gatherings. Our aim has always been to build a bridge between now and then, and bring relevant parts of the culture into today's world. There is wisdom to be learned from, achievements to be inspired by and an entire cultural treasure to embrace. That is the way to become a modern Viking, a Viking at heart. 


Most cultures around the world use art and historical concepts from their past as an inspiration when it comes to clothes, jewelry, furniture, architecture and so forth. As Scandinavians it is a natural step for us to do the same. We see no reason to why we should be excluded from bringing the cultural wealth of our own past to life in a modern context. Our work with historical reproductions is thus combined with a modern concept of artistry, where we use the past as a source of inspiration for modern day designs. We take great pride in that our products are designed with a full understanding and appreciation of our heritage. We have the knowledge and respect required to use symbology, runes, designs and concepts in a correct fashion.


Our goal is met through a combination of scholarly knowledge and expert crafting skills being added to a deep lifelong interest in Viking culture. With 30 years of experience, we remain true to our roots, developing and producing high standard products for our discerning customers around the globe who prefer quality over cheaper, quickly produced items. All our products go through a careful approval process to ensure highest quality. We ship our products worldwide. Our customers are found in North America, Europe and Australia.

Grimfrost does not approve the usage of cultural features or the symbolism of our forefathers in association with white supremacy, racial elitism or other forms of extremism. Those elements have nothing to do with our forefathers and have no bearing in neither historical sources nor archaeological finds. We welcome and respect all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

The Founders

Arve began crafting and selling weapons and armor in 1992, which is when he met and became friends with Sjöberg.

After 5 years in the “sword business” he focused on a career within sales and marketing, only to come full circle and return to his true passion almost two decades later with Grimfrost.

One of Sweden’s top Viking Age bronze- and silversmiths, Sjöberg has crafted reproductions of archaeological finds to Museums, as well as operated his own workshop and store.

He began his career in 1990 and met Arve two years later when the two visited the same Viking Age festivals as vendors.

Hegg is friends with both Arve and Sjöberg, and was asked by the two to fuel Grimfrost with his creativity, ideas and heathen poetry.

When not pouring his excess Viking interest over Grimfrost, Hegg has a daytime job as the front man of Amon Amarth – a death metal group that shares our passion and vivid interest in our Norse forefathers.