1 Game board
4 Champion miniatures
4 Player boards
3 Champion tokens
4 Health cubes
40 Glory tokens
36 Playing cards
7 Engraved dice
1 Rulebook

Highly detailed miniatures.

Meet the legendary champions

  • Thor: the almighty god of thunder and lightning. Proud and strong, he wields the legendary hammer Mjolnir, and will never back down from a fight. 
  • Freyja: the goddess of love, war, beauty and Seidr magic. She acts with ruthless precision and raw strength. Adorned with her rune woven falcon feather cloak she moves with unrivaled speed. 
  • Surtr:  the towering king of the fire giants. With his blazing sword he can ignite a word of fiery destruction. Nothing can withstand the fiery fury of the king of Muspelheim
  • Hyrrokkin: the fearsome gigantess of Jarnvior. Beware the mother of Skoll and Hati, her brute force and strength is unmatched. With her bare hands she shapes iron into deadly weapons, and commandes wolves to do her bidding.  
Unique champion cards

Each champion has their own deck of unique champion cards, use them to boost your champion or attack your rivals.