Grimfrost has the World's largest community of people connecting with Vikings and the Viking Age. Our Facebook page alone gathers over 1 million followers. You can join any of our online communities here:

Facebook: Grimfrost Facebook
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Grimfrost also has the following three divisions:

  1. Grimfrost Clan
  2. Grimfrost Shield Wall
  3. Grimfrost Hird 


You are welcome to be a part of the Grimfrost Clan. There are no requirements or expectations - as long as you like what we’re about. Tens of thousands of people from all corners of the world proudly count themselves as part of the Grimfrost Clan. The Clan Helmet is found on both products and clothing as an unifying symbol. There is also a rewards program to thank each one of you for your support. It is free to join here:

Grimfrost Clan Rewards



The Shield Wall consists out of Grimfrost's official ambassadors. They embody different aspects of Grimfrost, each representing us in their own unique way. If you have a minimum following of 1000 on Instagram and feel that you'd do a great job representing Grimfrost, then you can drop us an email here:

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A Hird was a Viking Age retinue of armed companions. Our modern Hird is a global organisation that draws inspiration from the ancient Hird, focusing on reconstructing Viking Age combat and life through comradery, enthusiasm and fun. You can read more about the Grimfrost Hird here:

Grimfrost Hird