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Rúnahild, Seidfylgjur, CD

Rúnahild, Seidfylgjur, CD

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Grimfrost Records proudly present Seidfylgjur by Rúnahild.

Seidfylgjur takes you back in time and channels the raw emotions and ancient mysteries of the Nordic nature. 

Runahild's love for nature gives birth to her artistic expression through music and photography. She lives off the land on an organic mountain farm in Western Norway, following the rythm of the northern seasons. 

Runahild created her first one-woman project Eliwagar in 2006 and released several albums of heathen folk/folk rock music. In 2016, she decided to end Eliwagar and release her music under her name Runahild. Her compositions are based on old instruments, such as the lyre, zither and langeleik, drum beats or just a sung melody - music she defines as "ethereal folk".

  • Artist: Rúnahild
  • Titel: Seidfylgjur
  • Label: Grimfrost Records
  • Media: CD (1 disc)
  • Published: August 19, 2019 (Grimfrost Records)


  1. Disablót
  2. Seidfylgjur
  3. I Bjorkas Famn
  4. Myrkrida
  5. Ferden Til Brunnen
  6. Vardlokkur
  7. Urseid