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Viking Bone Comb Set

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Product number: 2221


A set with three robust, hand-made Viking combs that work wonders for both beard and hair. They are based on authentic finds, and just as the originals they have been hand-carved from bone.

  • Hand-crafted 
  • Authentic Viking design 
  • Material: Bone from cattle 
The set includes: 
  • A smaller bone comb. Perfect to bring out of the house (article no 2191)
  • A large bone comb. Keep it with your other grooming items (article no 2100)
  • A long bone comb that can be used for the hair (article no 2101)
A good comb suited for the purpose makes beard grooming simpler. The Vikings realized this and used flat-toothed bone combs for their beards that keep both shorter and longer beards in wondrous shape. Unlike plastic and metal combs, the Viking bone comb doesn’t pull your hairs out. They are also excellent at distributing beard oil, even holding small amounts of it. This means that if you are combing your beard later on, you’ll get a little bit of the oil you put on earlier, leaving your beard smelling and looking great.
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