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Weightlifting Belt, Megingjord

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Lift like Thor with this pro weightlifting belt named after the belt that doubled the god’s strength. Made in premium, reinforced leather it is durable and stands even the toughest workouts without tearing or breaking. The choice of material also results in a soft and flexible belt that gives maximum support without discomfort when lifting and squatting. The inside is lined with velvet leather for a good grip. The belt comes with a heavy stainless steel buckle and extra adjustment holes.

  • Belt material: Premium genuine leather
  • Buckle material: Solid stainless steel
  • Copyright: Grimfrost
  • Width: 4" (10 cm)
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Small maximum fit: 85 cm / 33” 
  • Medium maximum fit: 95 cm / 37” 
  • Large maximum fit: 105 cm / 41” 
  • X-Large maximum fit: 115 cm / 45” 
  • XX-Large maximum fit: 125 cm / 49” 

Megingjord means "power-belt" or "strength-belt" in Old Norse. It was one of the god Thor's main possessions along with the hammer Mjölnir and the gloves Jarngreipr. When worn, the belt doubled Thor's already enormous strength.