Shaman Drum, Odin

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Supplier to Vikings and Game of Thrones
  • Size: 21" x 21" (55 x 55 cm)
  • Traditionally handmade in Finland
  • Reindeer hide drumhead
  • Natural linen ropes
  • Layered birch plywood frame
  • A pinewood handle is attached to the frame with wooden plugs to make the structure as solid as possible
  • The artwork is painted with oil color, stain varnish or a combination of both
  • The beater is made of reindeer fur and horn/antler
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Traditional shaman drum that is carefully handmade in Finland, where old Nordic shamanic traditions have survived throughout the centuries. It has been crafted out of traditional materials without the use of any powertools. Only a handsaw, a knife and sandpaper has been used during the process. This crafting method takes time, but it is necessary if the drum is to have a spirit of its own.


Odin, the chieftain of the Gods, is beautifully painted by hand onto the drumskin together with his wolves Geri and Freki, his eight-legged steed Sleipnir and his ravens Hugin and Munin. A Younger Futhark (Viking Age runes) runic circle is placed in the center to represent Odin's runic mastery. Odin's wife, Frigg, who is known for her foreknowledge appears behind the tree.


It is truly a fantastic instrument. The reindeer hide drumhead combined with the solid structure results in an amazing echo and powerful sound. 


The drum comes with care instructions and a guide to the Drum Awakening Ceremony in case you wish to use it for shamanic practices rather than just as an instrument.

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