Viking War Horn

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Supplier to Vikings and Game of Thrones
  • Material: Cattle horn
  • Comes with a leather strap
  • Copyrighted design and production by Grimfrost
  • Carefully handmade, small variations may occur
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A handmade, carved Viking war horn with Younger Futhark runes that translate from Old Norse to: "Odin and Heimdallr bless (protect)". The shape and color of each horn is unique and may differ from that in the picture.

The technique to sound the horn requires the lips to be pressed together, and then pressing air through them. 

Product number: 2612

Odin is the chieftain of the Norse gods, closely associated with war. Heimdallr is the guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects the realm of the gods with that of the men. He is also the owner of Gjallarhorn that will sound upon Ragnarök.

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