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Runestone, Rökstenen

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The Rökstenen runestone is one of the most famous runestones, featuring the longest known runic inscription in stone. Dating back to the 9th century, it is considered the first piece of written Swedish literature and thus it marks the beginning of the history of Swedish literature. The inscription translates to:

In memory of Vémóðr´stand these runes. And Varinn coloured them, the father, in memory of his dead son.

I say the folktale / to the young men, which the two war-booties were, which twelve times were taken as war-booty, both together from various men.

I say this second, who nine generations ago lost his life with the Hreidgoths; and died with them for his guilt.

Þjóðríkr the bold,
chief of sea-warriors,
ruled over the shores of the Hreiðsea.
Now he sits armed
on his Goth(ic horse),
his shield strapped,
the prince of the Mærings.
I say this the twelfth, where the horse of Gunnr sees fodder on the battlefield, where twenty kings lie.
This I say as thirteenth, which twenty kings sat on Sjólund for four winters, of four names, born of four brothers: five Valkis, sons of Hráðulfr, five Hreiðulfrs, sons of Rugulfr, five Háisl, sons of Hôrðr, five Gunnmundrs, sons of Bjôrn.
Now I say the tales in full. Someone ...
I say the folktale / to the young men, which of the line of Ingold was repaid by a wife's sacrifice.
I say the folktale / to the young men, to whom is born a relative, to a valiant man. It is Vélinn. He could crush a giant. It is Vélinn ... [Nit]
I say the folktale / to the young men: Þórr. Sibbi of Vé, nonagenarian, begot (a son).

  • Size: 6.3" x 3.1" (16 x 8 cm)
  • Miniature runestone based on a real, authentic runestone
  • Material: Marmorit, environmental friendly natural material without plastic, solvent or plaster.
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