Bracteate, Laukaz Alu

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Supplier to Vikings and Game of Thrones
  • Width: Approx. 7.1 inches (18 cm)
  • Thickness: Approx. 0.4 inches (10 mm)
  • Material: Fibre reinforced cast
  • Color: Ancient Bronze
  • A hook on the back makes it possible to hang it on a wall
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A fantastic, large size reproduction of one the most famous bracteates. It depicts a figure seen on many bracteates, possibly Odin with his ravens, and magical runic inscriptions LAUKAZ and ALU, meaning onion and ale - two magical ingredients of the day and age.

Handmade, made of Fibre reinforced cast and painted to resemble ancient bronze by a Swedish artist. It makes a great centrepiece on any wall, shelf, table or shrine. The original can be found at Nationalmuseet (København, Denmark).

A bracteate is a flat, thin, single-sided gold coin that was worn as jewelry, mainly among the Germanic tribes of the Migration Period, including the Vendel Era in Sweden. 

Product number: 4439

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