Mouse Pad, Yggdrasil, Large

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Supplier to Vikings and Game of Thrones
  • Smooth-woven surface
  • Anti-fray, flat-stitched edges
  • Protective coating for a water repellent surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Size: Large 45 x 40 cm (18" x 16")
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Copyright Grimfrost
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Absolute top quality mouse pad that brings the world of the Vikings to your desk. It depicts Yggdrasil, the tree that according to the world view of the Vikings held all the realms. All the important features are depicted; The eagle that lives in the top and the dragon Nidhögg gnaws at its roots. The three Norns who decide the fate of both gods and men are also seen sitting by the tree.

Product number: 4466

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