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Tunics - Viking Linen Tunic, Blue -

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Viking Linen Trousers, Natural

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Viking Linen Tunic, Blue

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Comfortable tunic based on historical sources. Made from fine linen, it is the perfect choice during warmer seasons. When the cold winds arrive, a woolen tunic can be worn over it. The tunics are available in colors appropriate for the dyes commonly used by the Vikings. 

  • Based on historical sources
  • Made from 100% linen
  • Color: Blue
  • Sizes: S - 3XL
  • Accessories not included
  • All accessories available in the Grimfrost webshop

Brightly colored red and blue garments were a sign of wealth and power during the Viking Age, since the process of dyeing the fabric was more expensive. Successfull raiders and traders would have been able to display bright reds and blues to show off their wealth. Natural colored clothes were usually by those not able to afford brightly dyed garments, or during work or as under garments. The color black (Old Norse: Blár = dark blueish black) is frequently mentioned in the sagas as a color worn by a person about to kill someone. It could thus be a color worn to battle.


    Like what you see?

    Viking Linen Trousers, Natural

    FROM $45.00
    FROM $56.25