Viking Spearhead

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  • Length: 21" / 53 cm
  • Length of blade: 14" / 35 cm
  • Hollow shaft diameter: 1.1" / 28 mm
  • Material: High Carbon Steel 1045
  • HRC 55-58
  • Forged in a semi-production environment
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Long and large Viking spearhead hand forged in carbon steel. Huge spearheads like this (Petersen Type G) originate from the 10th and 11th Centuries and have been found in Sweden, Norway and the Baltic, as well as in England. The blade is sharpened and comes with holes on each side of the socket used to secure it onto the shaft. Grimfrost in runes is stamped onto the blade. A sturdy, well-made leather sheath is included.

Product number: 1165

The spear held great cultural significance to the Viking warrior, since it was the primary weapon of Odin, the god of warfare. The spear was a very common weapon and it was used both as a throwing and as a thrusting weapon. Large spear heads like this one could also enable slashing attacks. It could be used in both hands, or in one hand, with a shield in the other. The spearhead was usually mounted on ash wood shafts that ranged in length from 2 to 3 meters.

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