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Twisted Neck Ring, Hand-Forged

Twisted Neck Ring, Hand-Forged

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Twisted, hand-forged Viking torc, or "neck ring" as they were called. It can be opened and closed by hand so that it can be placed around the neck.

  • Inner circuit approx. 50 cm (19.7")
  • Can be adjusted to fit most necks
  • Thickness of ring: 6 mm
  • Material: Iron
  • Clean the torc upon arrival with a sponge, dish soap and warm water. It comes with protecive coating to keep it safe from getting tarnished during shipping. 

Worn around the neck, the torc is a rigid neck ring in metal that is usually open at the front. Torcs were a popular piece of jewelry during the Viking Age, but they were also found among a variety of other cultures.

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