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Viking Apron Dress, Red

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A really nice, high quality apron in wool with a matching linen dress. Known as a Smokkr, this type of dress was a common garment among the Viking women who combined it with a pair of turtle brooches with stringed beads. The brooches are used to fasten the shoulder straps in the front. They can also be stitched in place quite easily.

  • Based on historical sources
  • Color: Red
  • Material Apron: 100% felted tabby weave wool (350 gsm)
  • Material Dress: 100% Baltic Linen (260 gsm)
  • Tortoise brooches, beads or other accessories not included.


The apron is made from recycled wool that is a great ECO-friendly option! Aided by modern-day quality controls and meticulous sorting before shredding and weaving, it saves on the energy and water needed to produce non-recycled wool. The process also eliminates the use of chemicals.

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