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Boxing Gloves, Mjolnir

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Durable finely crafted, big size boxing gloves that do their job, at the same time offering good wrist support and hand protection. The wrist wrap has a Mjollnir logo and runes in Old Norse reading: "Thor, Earth's son, the Thundering Storm, He who travels alone" They are all different names, kennings, used for Thor. 

The hammer is aligned differently on the 12 and 14 oz in comparison to the 16 oz. In the latter version the striking side faces the knuckles.

  • Material: Synthetic PU Leather with a polyurethane liner   
  • Perforated palms for ventilation
  • Velcro closure with a full wrist wrap around
  • Excellent hand and knuckle protection and shock disbursement
  • Choose between 12 oz (bag training), 14 oz (light/medium sparring) or 16 oz (full contact sparring).

Mjollnir (English: Crusher), is the hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. It was said to be able to level mountains and destroy anything in its path.