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Grimfrost Beard Oil, Natural

Grimfrost Beard Oil, Natural

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Product number: 2499

Grimfrost’s Beard Oil will make your beard smooth, strong and moisturized. The oil is rich in vitamin E and D which will also help your skin match the perfection of your beard. Just rub it in and let it bring out the Viking in you! 

  • Glass bottle with 30 ml handmade beard oil
  • Works well with both long and short beards
  • Base oils: Jojoba, Apricot, Avocado, Argan
  • No essential oils added, resulting in a no-scent beard oil

Grimfrost’s Beard Oil is developed by Grimfrost together with the eminent Jens Holmberg, and handmade in the deepest parts of Småland, Sweden. If you’re looking for a natural oil with no added scent, then look no further.