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Grimfrost's Mead, Jarl's Brew

Grimfrost's Mead, Jarl's Brew

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A rustic heatherhoney mead with a rich taste of Viking Age Sweden.

We are curently looking for importers in various countries, which is required to make the mead available in that particular nation.

We're glad to announce that Grimfrost's Mead is now available in the UK through a retailer that ships from the UK. It will be available during a trial period, so it is important for all of you wanting it to support us and to share the info with all of your mead-loving friends. Get it here:

Swedish honey predominantly comes from wildflowers, such as white clover, raspberry blossom and lingonberry blossom. The Jarl’s Brew uses raspberry blossom honey, as well as the much rarer linden honey. In comparison with a dry mead, it contains twice the amount of honey. The mead has also matured up to two years before bottling, allowing it to find its prime. The Jarl’s Brew is a sweet mead that fits to be enjoyed after a meal, with dessert or on its own. 

  • Full bottle: 750 ml 
  • Alcohol content by volume: 13% 
  • Ingredients: Honey, Water and Yeast
  • Winner of Mazer Cup 2017, the world's largest mead competition
  • Grimfrost Jarl's Brew mead won the category "sweet traditional"
The Jarl’s Brew has been developed together with Mjödhamnen, Sweden’s largest and most distinguished mead producer. With it, we would like to invite You on a journey back to a time when mead was considered to originate from the gods. Honey has always beena rare and luxurious commodity. Jarl's Brew holds enough honey for a jarl, a king or even a god.