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Grimfrost's Ásgautr

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Grimfrost's Ásgautr is a Viking Age sword based on the find in the Rosenlund grave in Denmark. The double-edged blade is crafted in tempered high carbon EN45 steel, and it comes with a distinctive fuller.Included with the sword is a leather-wrapped scabbard and belt. The sword can be used for costume dressing and reenactment purposes. It is, however, not fully blunted and thus not suitable for reenactment fighting. 

  • Edge: Not fully sharpened 
  • Material: Hardened and tempered EN45 high carbon steel.
  • Total length: 36.6" (93 cm) 
  • Length of blade: 30.7" (78 cm) 
  • Maximum width of blade: 1.85" (47 mm) 
  • Grip length: 4" (10 cm) 
  • Weight of sword: 3.1 lb (1,4 kg) 
  • Balance point: 11 cm from the guard
  • Blade forged in a semi-production environment.
  • Full tang with a peened pommel

Grimfrost's Ásgautr is based on a sword found in the Rosenlund grave in Denmark. We like to think that it belonged to the probably esteemed Viking warrior Ásgautr Red-Shield who is mentioned on a runestone standing in the nearby church of Rønninge. It reads:

"Sōti satti stæin þannsi æft Æilæif, brōður sinn, sun Āsgauts Rauðumskialda"

(English: Sóti placed this stone in memory of Eileifr, his brother, Ásgautr Red-shield’s son”.)