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Key Chains - Havamal Keychain, Stanza 76 -

Havamal Keychain, Stanza 76

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Keychain with ancient Viking wisdom. Stanza 76 from the Havamal is written on both sides of it with runes. It translates from Old Norse to:

"Cattle die and kinsmen die,
thyself too must die, 
but one thing never will die, 
the fame of one who has done well."

  • Tag size: 50 x 30 mm
  • Material: Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel
  • Copyright: Grimfrost

Hávamál ("sayings of the high one") is a collection of Old Norse poems from the Viking Age. They present advice for living, proper conduct and wisdom.

Havamal Keychain, Stanza 76 has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 12 reviews.