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Loki Amulet, Vejen, Silver

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Product number: 2710

Reproduction of the extraordinary find made in 2015 in Vejen, Denmark. It is believed to depict Loki with his mouth sewn shut as in described in Norse mythology. The original find is today located at the Danish National Museum. The amulet is handmade in solid Sterling Silver 925.

  • Size: 35 x 25 mm (1.3" x 1")
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Weight: 7 g
  • Diameter of hole: 3 mm
  • Chain or leather cord not included.
  • Copyright: Grimfrost

Inspector Lars Grundvad of the Museum on Sønderskov explains the existence of Loki amulets with that Loki has over time been described as more unsympathetic than he might be in the original narratives. Loki is always able to get rid of the difficulties he comes in, and has the ability to turn a bad situation into something good - which may be a desirable feature in the Viking Age. He also points at the few other finds in the area also having Loki-like features, offering the theory that Loki could had been more popular in southern Jutland than elsewhere in Denmark.