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MMA Gloves, Mjolnir

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Durable finely crafted, MMA gloves for grappling, sparring and mitt work. The full length wrist wrap offers excellent wrist support, while the padding protects both the hand and thumb. The wrist wrap has a Mjollnir logo.

  • Material: Synthetic PU Leather
  • Velcro closure with a full wrist wrap around
  • Excellent hand and knuckle protection and shock disbursement
  • Protected thumb during grappling
  • One size. Fits a palm circumference of 7.7" - 8.8" (19.5 - 22.5 cm)

Size Guide:
Measure your palm circumference as seen in one of the pictures to see if the gloves fit you. 

    Mjollnir (English: Crusher), is the hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. It was said to be able to level mountains and destroy anything in its path.

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