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Premium Drinking Horn, Varyag

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The time-consuming process of making our Premium Horns require a combination of high level artistry and expert crafting skills. Each custom motif is designed for the purpose and carved by hand into the horn. The handmade belt hanger matches the horn in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Each horn is a unique piece of art that stays true to Viking authenticity and quality.

The design on the horn is based on a Viking find from Estonia, along the route used by Vikings who ventured on trading and raiding expeditions eastward. Known as Varyags, these warriors were widely famous for their courage, which made the Byzantine Emperor to hire them as his elite bodyguard.

  • Length: 41 cm / 16" 
  • Holds: Approximately 0,7 liters (1.4 pints/23 oz) 
  • Horn material: Cattle horn 
  • Belt hanger material: Cowhide

Care instructions:

  • Heat can reshape the horn
  • Do not fill it with hot beverage, or place it in a hot enviroment
  • To clean the horn, use a bottlebrush and dish soap
  • Do not clean the horn in a dishwasher

All our Premium Horns and belt hangers are handmade by Grimfrost in Sweden. They are unique and one of a kind. When you buy the horn for sale, you become to owner of something truly special not found in anyone else's possession. The horn is carefully cleaned and safe to drink from.