Premium Thick Bryungs Armring, Silver

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  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Thickness of ring: 11.5 mm tapering to 7.5 mm near the terminals.
  • Material Weave: Fine Silver 999
  • Material Terminals: Sterling Silver 925
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This premium Viking armring based on a find from Bryungs, Gotland is for true connoisseurs of Viking Age art, who appreciate historical authenticity and the tremendous work that goes into crafting a massive piece like this.

The thick, prominent piece has been wholly handmade according to ancient Viking silversmithing techniques with scrupulous attention to details. With so many different components, it is a very complicated process that takes a week's worth of work and absolute top level craftsmanship to finalize. Several thick wires are forged tightly together with thinner filigree wires to create a tightly woven piece that ends in dragon heads from Gotland. As the number of wires used increase, so does the difficulty level and there isn’t room for a single mistake during the silversmithing process. Few have the skill to craft them, which makes complicated armrings like this quite rare.

Link to original find: Swedish History Museum

Product number: 3799

An armring like this would have belonged to a powerful chieftain, a wealthy merchant or a successful raider, bestowing the same admiration as wearing an expensive Rolex watch in today's world. 

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