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Premium Warrior Bracer, Fuglhamr

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The time-consuming process of making our Premium Warrior Bracers requires a combination of high level artistry and expert crafting skills. Each custom motif is designed for the purpose and added by hand to the leather that originates from traditional Swedish tanners. Our Premium Warrior Bracers are true pieces of art.

  • Size: 8.5" (21.5 cm) long
  • Carefully handmade, small variations may occur
  • Limited to 12 items

All our Premium Warrior Bracers are limited only items made by Grimfrost in Sweden. The design is inspired by a copper alloy mount found in the Swedish Uppåkra in 2011 depicting "Fuglhamr" (Old Norse: Bird Shapeshifter). Most common interpretations are that it depicts Völund the smith or Loki, but since there are many entities who use the abilities of shapeshifting into a bird, Suttung and even Odin are brought into the discussion. In the original find there’s a strong hint pointing towards the myth of Völund, namely 3 drops of blood below his left hand, caused by an arrow from his brother Egil at the order of King Nidud. In the design for this bracer the drops of blood were deliberately omitted to make a wider interpretation possible. 

The bracer is thus not dedicated to any specific entity, but rather to the concept of shapeshifting into a bird’s form. Thus the bearer can partake in the ancient concept of enhancing one’s own powers and abilities through the attributes of the mighty birds of prey circling the northern skies.